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“Imagine an experience that sparks your child’s interest and creativity through robotics, animation, play and interactive learning.  Snapology engages children through activities in our Discovery Center, in the community and in your home.”

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Snapology provides the following activities:



3 Hours/day, 1-5 Days

Snapology’s camps are available year round. View the schedule and select a location (your place or ours). Choose a class.  Activities range from pre-school to elementary school.



2-3 Hours, 1 Day

Preview a class or keep the kids busy for a few hours. Choose a class for a workshop and we’ll set-it-up. View the schedule and select a location (your place or ours).


Field Trips

1-8 Hours, 1 Day

Bring your class to Snapology’s Discovery Center, or we’ll set-up in your gym or cafeteria. We provide a hands-on, team based learning experience. Activities are based on grade level.


Enrichment Classes

1-1.5 Hours, 6 weeks

Snapology provides fun, hands-on learning experience for After-School Enrichment. There’s something for everyone. View the current schedule or choose a class and give us a call to set up your program.


Birthday Parties

1-2 Hours

We’ve got the best birthday party in town!  Our party facilitators will guide your guests through fun LEGO® activities. Select a date, choose a birthday party theme and call us to schedule your party.


Custom Events

Any Length

Having a party or event? Looking for someone to entertain the children? We can come to you or you can come to us. Snapology will customize an event just for you.

Play Dates

Play Dates

1-3 Hours

Prepare your child & his/her friend(s) for the best play date ever! We’ll customize the time to match your childs interests. You’re welcome to stick around, or drop-off/pick-up.



1-8 Hours

Looking for something completely different to do while earning badges in engineering, technology or robotics? You’ve come to the right place – we’ve got the answer!

Parents Night Out

Parents Night Out

2-3 Hours

See a movie or enjoy a meal while your kid(s) are having fun at our Discovery Center. Shopping and restaurants are just minutes away. View the current schedule for availability.

Class Topics

Snapology provides interactive, STEAM activities for children, mostly using LEGO® bricks. Abbreviated Snapology class descriptions are below. CLICK HERE for the full class catalog (class descriptions) PDF.



Ages 5+

Choose from Snapology’s Minecraft® (levels I to III),  StarWars®, Superheroes, Basic Training, Ninjas, LEGO® Monster Mania, Mini-Figure Mania, and Castles, Kingdoms & Wizards. Shh..don’t tell them it’s educational.



Age Groups Vary

Choose from Engineering (ages 4-14), Awesome Adventures Robotics (ages 8-13), Amazing Adventures Robotics (ages 8-13), Inventors’ Club (ages 8 – 13), Scientists (ages 5+), SuperStructures (ages 5+), and Amusement Park Adventure (ages 6+)



Ages 7+

Work in teams under guided instruction to create digital movies using stop motion animation and LEGO® bricks. Each team will complete a movie, including dialog and sound effects, that can be uploaded to a secure web site and share with friends.



Ages 3-6 

Snapology’s ABC’s and 123’s – Focusing on fine motor skills, this program supplements the current curriculum being taught at pre-school. Children focus on one letter each class.



Ages 6+

Choose from Amazing Animals, Combat Robots, Awesome Adventures, Space Wars Robotics and Inventor’s Club Robotics

Competition Teams

Competition Teams

Ages 6-14

Teamwork, problem solving & innovation are the keys to this activity. Choose from Junior FLL (FIRST® LEGO® League) for children 6-9 or FLL for children 9-14.  It’s LEGO® fun with trophies!


All Parties Include a Birthday Theme, and:

• A certified Snapology party facilitator who will set-up, conduct activities and clean up • A structured schedule (first half includes a theme based build & related game, second half we serve food which you supply & help open gifts) • A Mini-figure take-home build for each Snapology birthday guest can be purchased for $3.00 per person

We offer two party packages:



Per Month

  • 1 hour party
  • 12 guests, 4 adults
  • Additional guests $8 each
  • Snapology t-shirt for b-day kid
    Call to Schedule



    Per Month

    • 2 hour party
    • 12 guests, 4 adults
    • Additional guests $8 each
    • Snapology t-shirt for b-day kid
      Call to Schedule


      • Mini-figures: $3.00 each


      Parents are welcome to either drop-off their child for the party, or stay and enjoy the fun.

      Birthday Themes

      Birthday theme-based activities will vary based on the age of your guests

      Bring Minecraft® to life using LEGO® bricks. Create your own world, including animals, creepers and your very own Minecraft® character.

      Extremely popular! Build and play with the LEGO® FRIENDS® girls Andrea, Mia, Olivia, Stephanie and Emma – and their cute animals in Heartlake City.

      Participate in Star Wars® themed activities, build scenes from the movie, ships, deathstar, battles, lightsabers, you name it. May the force be with you!

      Superman®, Batman®, etc. Create your own comic strip adventure. Have a blast as you create your own fantasy world of superheroes.

      Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard. Build training camps, learn Navy flags, design Air Force jets & brave the seas in Coast Guard boats. 

      Design a Ninja dojo using LEGO® bricks, earn your black belt and train your fierce warriors for battle. Get ready to have lots of fun and become a Master Ninja.

      Build your own magical land of Chima®, or create your favorite animal. Do you have the special power of Chi?

      Work as a group to build a city using LEGO® bricks. Children’s imaginations will soar as they build creative city buildings.

      If you like Angry Birds, you’ll love this! Build safety houses for piggies or launch pads for the birds in this fun themed party.

      Work as a group or individually to turn pictures or ideas into amazing 2D or 3D creations using nothing but small LEGO® bricks.

      Bring the radical ‘heroes in a half-shell’ to life using gnarly LEGO® bricks in this totally tubular themed party, dude!

      From SpongeBob to Pokemon to anything in your child’s imagination. We can create the party of your child’s dreams.

      Schools & Community

      Working with Snapology is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

      Snapology loves to work with community centres, moms groups, libraries, municipalities and organizations! We come to you, or vise-versa. Snapology customizes programs that meet your goals.

      Contact 519-800-7230 or email: [email protected]